Selective Collection Solidarity

The Commission on Waste Recycling Partnership is a team designed to implement a waste management system able to be recycled or reused, as well as meet the provisions of the Federal Decree 5.940/06 establishing the Selective Collection Solidarity in federal public administration. Through partnerships with Associations, Companies, environmental agencies, public and others, aims to contribute to the growth of UFVJM ruled in environmental responsibility.




  • Carlos Victor Mendonça
  • Juliana Souto Rocha
  • Marise Oliveira
  • Wilson Muanis Godinho



  • Danielly Moreira (Course: Animal Science)
  • Elizângela Souza (Course: Biology)
  • Valentine Luana
  • Priscila Araujo (Course: Biology)
  • Roberta Fonseca (Course: Bachelor of Science and Technology)
  • Veronica Costa (Course: Bachelor of Science and Technology)
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