Advisor for Strategic Affairs - AAE

The Office of Strategic Affairs aims to support the main Board of the Federal University of Vales do Jequitinhonha and Mucuri - UFVJM - with information, ideas and actions that corroborate with its strategic management, thereby contributing to enhance the fulfillment of the vision of this University be among the best institutions of higher education in Brazil, recognized and respected for excellence in teaching, research and extension.

Thus, the Office of Strategic Affairs aims to contribute to national development, particularly of the Valley of the Jequitinhonha and Mucuri, increasing compliance with the Mission of UFVJM to produce and disseminate knowledge and innovation by integrating teaching, research and extension as propellantsdevelopment of regional and national levels, within a process closely guided in ethical values, social and environmental responsibility, democracy, freedom and solidarity.


Advisor for Strategic Affairs
Rectory Building
Rua da Gl├│ria, 187 - Centro
Diamantina / MG CEP 39100-000

Advisor for Strategic Affairs
Alberto Pereira de Souza
Email: @ alberto.souza
Phone: 55 xx (38) 3532-6030

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