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Curriculum Rector


Academic history

Received his bachelor’s degree in Geology from University of Fortaleza (1978), where he acted as a student representative at the university highest board for two consecutive mandates (1975-1976 and 1976-1977); received his master’s degree in Regional Geology from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1989), his Ph.D. in Natural Sciences from University of Freiburg – Germany (1993), and his postdoctoral degree from University of Kansas (USA), where he studied the USA province of Bansi and Range from December/1998 to January/2000.


He was a Professor at the Geology Department of the Institute of Geosciences of UFMG from April, 1979 to April, 2002, specially working in the Eschwege Geology Center, where he taught the following subjects: “Rural Geology”, “Geological Mapping” and “Course Term Paper on Geology”. Between the years of 2000 and 2002 he taught the subjects “Geological Designing” and “General Geology” to undergraduate students from Geology, Geography and Civil Engineering courses and “Special Topics of Geology” to the graduate program in Geology from IGC-UFMG. He has been teaching at FAFEID (nowadays, UFVJM) since April, 2002, and been the chief academic officer since August of that year due to his dissertation entitled “Meridional Espinhaço Range (Minas Gerais) and its alpine glaciation in the end of Mesoproterozoic Age”. He has been teaching the subjects “Introduction to Soil Sciences”, “Photogrammetry and Photo interpretation”; and “Recuperation of Degraded Areas” to lato-senso graduate students.

Research and Development

He has been working on Geological Cartography, mainly focusing on regional geology, stratigraphy, analysis of basins and geodynamics of Precambrian orogens. He has been developing theoretical studies on Precambrian paleoclimatology in the context of “The Earth as an Integrated System” especially regarding the effects of carbon dioxide atmospheric pressure versus the effects of continental areas exposure at the beginning of glacial events. He was awarded with the Gödeke Forschingspreis 1993 by the University of Freiburg for the results of his dissertation “Die Geodynamiche Entiwicklung der südlichen Serra do Espinhaço, Minas Gerais, Brasilien”. He developed cooperation studies with researchers from University of Freiburg (Germany) from 1979 to 1993 through field research in Brazil’s Espinhaço Range, Iron Quadrilateral, and Europe (Swiss and French Alps, Spanish Cantabrica Range and Geology of Cenozoic Age in the south of Germany).

Academic Administration: Director of Eschwege Geology Center of the Institute of Geosciences of UFMG from 1985 to 1987 and from 1993 to 1998, therefore representing this Center in the Congregation of the Institute of Geosciences of UFMG. Dean of the FAFEID/UFVJM School of Agricultural Sciences from 2002 to 2006, which allowed him to join the Institution Higher Body. He has been UFVJM provost since August 01, 2007.

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